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Welcome to Husky Digest, the premier source for inside information on Husky Men's Basketball. We will not limit our editorial and discussion however to just Husky Hoops, but also seek to discuss and chronicle news involving Pac-10 Hoops and NW Hoops. We are independent of the University of Washington, the Pac-10, the NCAA or any other union or athletic organizations. Our sole purpose is to cover and comment on news involving basketball, primarily in this region.

We will respect the individuals and entities that we cover and try to provide objectivity and fairness in our editorial and coverage. After serving as publisher for this site, when it was part of the Rivals.com network, for over 40 months and having followed Husky Basketball closely for over 40 years I have learned a lot about this topic. I know much about all of the important elements of its current make-up as well as its great history and will bring this knowledge and experience to the everyday operations of this site.


This site is in no way connected to Rivals.com or their parent organization Yahoo Sports.

I have also written for Dawgman.com, Realdawg.com and the Seattle Times Husky Basketball "Blog". During the four decades that I have followed and attempted to play hoops, most of it in Seattle, but also during the eleven years that I spent in NYC and LA, I feel that I have learned more than enough to offer informed opinions and analysis. I am a professional musician, songwriter and producer, who just happens to love "the game" and my sole purpose here at this site is to provide a place for my friends and fellow hoops fanatics to obtain information and exchange ideas and opinion.

If you have subscribed, welcome and we look forward to your contributions in the way of your thoughts and relevant links. We will continue to be the best source for inside information and analysis on Husky Basketball out there bar none and are a player to be reckoned with in the area of Northwest Hoops, the Pac-10 and the West Coast in general. Please feel free to contact us for any reason large or small at contact@huskydigest.com and we wish you all a great season of college basketball.


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Jim Basnight